Great Holiday Gift - USDA Prime Bone-In Ribeye

Great Holiday Gift - USDA Prime Bone-In Ribeye

Hi I’m Josh Barbour and welcome to my kitchen! With the holidays around the corner, chances are you are looking for that “perfect gift” to give to you friends, family, or co-workers. And if you’re watching this video as you shop around - you’ve come to the right place. These hand-cut steaks are the absolute best in the world. And it’s for that reason that we won the Great Steak Debate. 

Today I want to talk about our Bone-In Ribeye Steaks. This steak goes by many names: “Bone-In Ribeye”, “Delmonico”, “Cowboy Ribeye” and it is one of my favorite cuts of steak. The ribeye steak is known for its abundant marbling that’s actually going to melt flavor as you cook the steak. Keeping the bone on while cooking not only imparts an added flavor, but it also makes for a great presentation when you plate it. These gourmet steaks will make a great gift for anyone on your holiday gift list this year. They are one of our most popular cuts of steak and just like any steak from Chicago Steak Company, these are artisan aged, hand-cut, and individually registered. Like always, we ship your steak in a reusable cooler packed with plenty of dry ice to ensure they stay frozen during shipping. 

What do you get someone that has everything? You get them “the ultimate steak experience”. A Bone-In Ribeye from Chicago Steak Company is a great gift for this holiday season.

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